Weekend #MDMT228

7 Mile Walk With Jesus

Maryland Mountaintop #228

Theme: "How Strong is Your Faith?"

September 7-10 2017

'Matthew 21:22'

Scott Wilson

As I have gone through life and seen the trials and challenges that people have had to live through as well as my own, I realized a few things. Sometimes those trials and challenges just jump out and bite you and you are the victim of unfortunate circumstances as you try to navigate through them. There are also times when you are your own author of the trials and challenges that you find yourself having to navigate through. But the one constant, regardless of how, when or where the tough times in our lives come from is that without faith in God and lots of prayer those challenges are going to be much, much more difficult to handle, maybe even impossible to handle or get through. When I was called into service by being asked to consider being Rector for MD 228, I was in the middle of some VERY difficult times. My life was totally and completely unbalanced and just about everywhere you would hope for security, there wasn't much there. I was struggling with some of the relationships that are very important to me, work, finances, health due to the stress of it all and was disconnected spiritually. The call that I received asking me to consider serving as Rector was the first eye opener for me which allowed me to realize that BROKEN is exactly where God does his best work! That call lifted my spirit and led me down the path back to my spiritual connection which also began to allow some healing and stress relief in the other areas that were beating me down. I remember actually sleeping rather well that night which is very unusual for me and the next day while driving to work the theme, the weekend verse, weekend song and the button design all came to me in a rush of thought! "How Strong is Your Faith?" is the theme for MD 228. I actually felt that the reason this theme came to me is because God was actually asking ME that question. The bible verse is Matthew 21:22 which states "and whatever things you ask in prayer, believing you will receive" This is actually my life verse. It really stands out with me because it truly confirms strength in faith. Already believing that God will bless your prayer request just because you are lifting it up to him is some pretty strong faith! The theme song for the weekend is "He Will Carry Me" by Mark Shultz. This song is basically about being lost, weak, broken and fearful but recognizing that by lifting these things up to God, He will carry us through it! My prayer for the Pilgrims that God sends to attend MD 228 is that He will bless the team with an over-abundance of Agape love allowing that love to transfer from each team member to each Pilgrim, while also showing His love and show them that no matter what challenges they have in their lives right now, no matter where they came from or how they came to be, is that FAITH is what will give them the strength to be carried through those challenges and they will all have a much closer relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ! Scott Wilson Rector - MD 228