All Things about Sponsoring

Before you Sponsor a Pilgrim

Before you sponsor a pilgrim, you must attend a Fourth Day Workshop. These are held at various times throughout the year, and in various locations. Fourth Day workshops held by either the 7 Mile Walk with Jesus (7MWWJ) or Maryland Kalos will fulfill this requirement

The second thing you must do before sponsoring a pilgrim is PRAY! Sponsorship is a calling from the Lord. It requires a sacrifice of prayer and time both in preparation for a weekend and as you follow-up with your pilgrim. It is also a sacrifice of finances on the part of the team and sponsor. Before considering sponsorship, be reminded that the purpose of the 7MWWJ is to foster Christian leadership within the local Church. Although healing can occur, it is not meant to be a weekend for healing personal difficulties and broken marriages. 7MWWJ is not meant to be a tool for evangelism - it is for those already in the family of God.

The third thing you should remember is that it is assumed that sponsors are active members of the 7MWWJ Community themselves. All sponsors are encouraged to attend a monthly Gathering, to be grouping, and to faithfully serve in their home churches..

Before asking a Pilgrim

Pray and follow God's leading before asking anyone to attend a 7MWWJ weekend.

Follow the guidelines on who (a Christian, active member in church) should attend a 7MWWJ weekend. You may also contact a board member if you are unsure.

To Get an Application for a Pilgrim:

The easiest way to pick up an application is at a Gathering! Applications for Kalos and 7MWWJ weekends are always available at monthly Gatherings. Please check our Gatherings page for dates and locations!

If you have not been on a Flight or a Walk OR have not attended a Fourth Day Workshop sponsored by either 7MWWJ or Kalos, you can not sponsor a pilgrim and your pilgrim's application will be returned.

Pilgrim Registrar
NOTE: There are now two Pilgrim Registrar's, one for Steppingstone and one for MountainTop - make sure you send your Pilgrim application to the correct Registrar!!
Things to note prior to submitting an application:

1. They must include the name of a church for the application to be processed (they don't have to be a member, but where they attend).

2. The application must include the $50 application fee to be processed. Applications will not be processed without it or knowing it has been mailed to the registrar.

Nancy Broda is our pilgrim registrar for Steppingstone. Please send STEPPINGSTONE PILGRIM APPLICATIONS TO:

7MWWJ, C/O Nancy Broda
3805 Bayville Road Middle River, MD 21220.
Or scan and send to and then just mail the $50 check

MOUNTAINTOP Applications:
Kay Benton is our pilgrim registrar for MountainTop. Please send MOUNTAINTOP PILGRIM APPLICATIONS TO:

7MWWJ, C/O Kay Benton
3714 Sue Dan Dr, Hampstead, MD. 21074.
Or scan and send to and just mail the $50 check

Sponsor's Checklist: BEFORE the Weekend:

Click here for a Sponsor Checklist and sample Agape letter

READ everything (acknowledgement, invitation, and reconfirm letter) sent to you by the Pilgrim Registrar, EVEN IF you have sponsored someone before.

Inform the Head CHA if there are any medical or dietary needs BEFORE the weekend starts.

  • Explain the spiritual nature of the 7MWWJ(spiritual Christian renewal and no secrets - only surprises) and answer any questions your pilgrim has about the weekend.

    Make contacts for personal agape.

  • Be sure to do your own agape and placemats.
  • Make arrangements with your pilgrim for Thursday evening. Take them to dinner, and arrive at the retreat site at about 7:00 p.m.

    Check that your pilgrim has all necessary medications, toiletries, etc.

    Bring a supply of your pilgrim's favorite snacks and drink.

    Attend Sponsor's Hour: bring the balance of the retreat payment and/or ensure that funds are provided if there is a need.

    Give your phone number and other contact information to the pilgrim's family in case they need assistance over the weekend.

    Sponsor's Checklist: DURING the weekend:

    PRAY! God is working! This is the most important thing you can do!

    Attend the Sunday morning and afternoon "Special Events." If you are uncertain of the time, check with the Team upon your arrival on Thursday.

    Take your pilgrim out for dinner on your way home Sunday evening.

    Listen and pray some more.

    Sponsor's Checklist: AFTER the Weekend:

    Attend the Reunion Gathering for your pilgrim's weekend. Assist them with transportation if needed.

    Remind your pilgrim to read through all the information in the Fourth Day Packet.

    Assist your pilgrim in finding a reunion group.

    Remind your pilgrim of Fourth Day workshops on the calendar so that they can be on a Team and/or sponsor a pilgrim.

    Don't stop praying!

    Agape Reminder

    Friday agape MUST be able to fit in the agape bag. Bed agape must be "generic" (i.e. for everyone). Please do not send personalized bed agape for pilgrims! Agape not meeting these requirements will be given to your pilgrim on Sunday afternoon. This will be more strictly enforced than in the past. Please be kind to the Team and follow this policy! Thanks.